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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jus got back frm my friend bbq + late min movie
at ehub...ended my last project with sketch id on fri
goin to miss that job..had no choice bt to leave that job
that i like bt then got no link to my dip, to get into
another job that have also no link to my dip bt then
pay me good money..there for my hair is like BLACK!!!
omg when was the last time

i guess my black hair jus made me mad
enoght to play with that stuff..hahah..
dont worry it could take my weight
n it didnt spoil..
i hope that my hair colour can like drop
then i no longer have black hair la...
i watch 2 movie today both was nice so i didnt
fall aslp even thou i am tired..haha
jus begining random i think i shd like
start learning to read a book n finish it sooon...
i think...hahaha
i went prawning like early this week hahaha...fun
ofcos 2hr 22 prawnsss of cos i didnt catch all that
alone i help frm my friend n the boss of the farm
he is like dam pro la..the rate of prawn he catch
to mine is like 4 : 1 ..talkin abt prawn i think i shd
like go running soon i can see that my face is like
becomin rounder la..hahha..ooopsss..
[Monster on the lose]

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Monday, March 01, 2010


hmmmm...shd i still study more...i think
i wan to try wrking on stuff that i had
learn in my dip n see if i shd study later...

SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!! :)
thank you firends that have been
alway reminding me to do my wrk
n not play too much...hahahah..

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Good intention but the matter use is wrong
wont make anything better,it will jus become
worst.Dont brain wash ppl's brain to let them
think like u they have their own brain too.
dont input wrong stuff to ppl brain.
Do think again if what ever u done did make this
better or worst dont jus think for urself.What ever
u did is jus trying to pover that u are so good
n u nv make mistake before.On a last note no want
was harm bt u still make thing worst.I dont see my
other friend be like you so i think i shd be glad abt that

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


MADNESS is really the correct name
that is given to the grp.The prob will
really drive me madness la..

Dont one by one come questioning me ready
if u all wan to do that jus do it all at one go
i dont wan to keep getting same question
frm diff ppl.I am wrking i no longer like
most of u guy that are still studying.

I chosse not to tell u thing n u must go find out, my fault
Stuff that u told hp there for she didnt wan me to go,my fault.
U think that i disappear,my fault.
I nv plan for ur bday becos some1 want to plan for u, my fault.
When the person plan then i cant go, my fault.
I msg u happy bday n nv say sorry for attenting, my fault.
U get upsad abt me not goin for ur bday, my fault.

U tell everyone that u are disapponited with me
bt nv tell me, is my fault again.

Furby my friend u win
u wan to get upset over this type of stuff
and say disapponited with me.
Maybe with out me in the grp there will
be lesser quarrl cos it like a routine that
madness have to go thro this so offen.
Furby u win hand down
I raise white flag.

If any of u all need any help i will do anything to help u
bt if u all wan to quarrl leave me out
Thanks n Sorry to Madness.

Dam it man i think all is this my kama
for laughting at my friend so old ready
still got friendship prob.

I think i need to replan my live le
I once told my ex that i will wan to
live untill 40 only cos i think i have
been thro alot n i wan to enjoy life
n stop wrk at 30 then play untill 40
then die.bt after all this i think i shd play
at the age of 25 to 35.
new age for death.

Monster life is too colorfull so stop painting PINK

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Monday, January 18, 2010


win or lose i have to be happy...
if bt then i nv win or lose i jus
feel disppointed with stuff
to the ponit that i think is
goin to be hard to be happy.

even if i am happy is more or
less a mask that i am wearin
so that ppl wont get worry n
wont feel so unhappy abt it.

Have u had sure feelin that actully
u are finding what u wan n u are so
close to getting it n bomb is gone..
it jus happen no waring at all n
its all gone n u longer it is the
rite thing that u are look it.
if only i was feelinless.

Monster is drain out frm disppointment

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


nth can be wost then opening a pandora box.

Monster is no longer happy

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It's goin to happen again
not once not twice bt al...way
oh well monster cant do anything
abt it cos there is nth to be done so
monster will jus have to preten nth
happen..is kind of crappy to start a
nice sat this way it goin to spoil monster's
whole day mood....


Monster with no feeling

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Monster kid is still waiting for the result
is like taking abit too long.So crap drop them
a email ready bt then no reply frm them...wonder
if they are having their break now so nv reply.

Will be starting a new job next tue so it mean that
i have like few more days to rest only.Is like a trail
job for me.So the pay is like super little like a pay for
attcment student sad bt then is ok cos is a job that
i dont mind trying.

Monster kid is happy today =)

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i am a monster kid
born to destroy trouble maker..

Stay away frm me
or u will be eaten my me

caution: i bite!

I am a happy monster =)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hmmm...really wonnder if a blog is blog
for me to see or for ppl to see wan..
is like dumb if blog for ppl to see
bt then cant blog anot of stuff...
then if blog stuff that dont wan ppl
to see then lock blog..like abit dumb
hor...hmmmm..is that counted as attention

no more naggy u to remind u
to keep drinkin water,bt
i will try to stay healthy.
u shd really put a tag board
in ur blog so that i can reply
u there instend here...hahha

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Monday, January 11, 2010

dose not mean anything
bt a sincerely apologise
means everything

i done reading.I did wish that
i could have read that long
time a go rather then now.
time really pass ready dam
fast in did it was a super
fast run.if only we could
have started of with walkin.
i think that u are right is
maybe untill now i am not
sure what i really want..
i am neither here nor there
i am still very unsure of alot
of thing.
i jus need time alone to find
out what i really want..
maybe goin on a super long
hoilday might help.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

my life seem so fast forward.
thing seem to be happening non stop.
a break is all i need.

omg i so wan to scream at u.
stop pretending to be nice
and anyhow say stuff that make
ppl sad n be a mood spoilter.
get a life if u dont have one
then go get 1 dont mess up
others.dont u jus get it
y ppl dont wan to tell u stuff
cos u jus cant keep it to
urself u will tell the whole world
at the same time add even more stuff
into it...wow..thanks alot ya..

so sorry that u have to go thro
so much rubbish..jus beware of it
next time..talkin thing out is 1 good
way to solve this stuff.. =)

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i wont say stuff to piss
you off if i did i am sorry
i nv do it intentionly.
U at the other hand dont
need to be so rude to say
stuff jus to piss me off
jus for ur info is dam
boodly hurting...
do think how ppl will feel
if u dont then trying thinkin
how u will feel if u say such
thing to u...it affected me alot

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